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Virtual Visualisation

Production Planning

Phantasm Virtual Viz (VV) is a visualisation platform for collaborative previz creation and digital recces, making your production more efficient and reducing its carbon footprint. Real-time interactive virtual environments enable all departments of your production to synchronise and adapt rapidly to creative changes.

Our unique platform with its focused tools and digital assets make our offering more useful and significantly more cost effective than traditional approaches to previz. Digital recces reduce the need for travel, with local teams supplying scan data that can be processed into a 3D environment in one day.

VV has been used on narrative lead series productions and high-profile franchise action movies. We can provide a combination of training and/or support for you to make the most of our platform whatever your production budget. This can range from full time dedicated support staff in your production to guiding a junior grip to create previz for the upcoming weeks’ shoot during on-set downtime!

Realtime Previz

Make previz creation and adjustment fast enough to keep pace with your production. Instant changes can be made by your crew, keeping previz up to date and relevant to fast moving creative decisions.

Digital Recces

Reduce production carbon footprint with digital recce’s, using location scans captured by local teams using globally available equipment. Interior or Exterior scans are possible, with a range of techniques depending on location type and access.

Customisable Digital Assets

Assets can be customised to reflect 3D assets and any interactive element you choose to incorporate into them. Assets can be user adjustable or receive information from the web/ IoT.

Camera Library

Any camera lens/ sensor type can be added to our existing library of standard cinema cameras.

Virtual Reality

The most immersive way to truly explore your scene setup, choreography and sequences. This really brings the action to life!

Tech Viz

Any setup can be used to plan layouts and instantly evaluate for unrealistic technical constraints.

Scene Setup

Virtual Viz can take any existing 3D or previz files and integrate elements, assets and choreography for you to explore.

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