Winner of the 2020 ROSPA Award
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Virtual Visualisation

Production Planning

Phantasm is creating an online platform for planning productions in virtual environments – Virtual Viz.

We utilise the latest photogrammetry and 3D scanning technology to capture locations, objects and people. With location data collected by local teams, we create an accurate virtual representation of a proposed set. We provide camera points of view, lens changes and scaled action animation for discussion. This allows clients to explore their designs/sequences in a virtual environment without leaving the office. Simple to use digital tools specific to each department’s needs enable new levels of collaboration and efficiency. Our cloud-based delivery enables you to review content with your team in a presentation, but also provides individual access via a secure webpage on any device.


We produce powerful technical animations to clearly demonstrate complex special effects. 3D animations can provide a clear and accurate representation of shape and movement, far from traditional 2D drawings. We can take existing pre-vis and insert CAD designs to not only show the in camera effect, but also the behind the scenes elements.


If you want to experience one of our animations, please download the demo and play with our virtual car, helicopter or ship and see the real-time playback on one of our motion bases.


“They say a picture is worth a thousand words, I say a video is worth a thousand pictures. A Phantasm animation is priceless. In a production meeting I can show a demo animation for an SFX rig and not say a word. No questions, no fear of misunderstanding. If required, we can pop the VR headsets on and explore real time changes without spending a penny, making sure the solution meets everyone’s needs.”

Alistair Williams, SFX Supervisor.

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