Winner of the 2020 ROSPA Award
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Specialist Action


Having worked in the action genre of film for many years, our team have the expert knowledge and skills to create any action scene required, be it for TV series, commercial, video or blockbuster film.  We store a variety of rigs and infrastructure, but can also create custom rigs to suit your specific project. If you have a project you would like to discuss with Phantasm, please reach out using the contact details below.


Snatch, flip, launch and install. Phantasm has a highly experienced team of advanced riggers and wiremen with internationally recognised IRATA qualifications. We have an extensive range of professional equipment allowing us to rig efficiently and safely for permanent installations or adapt to suit your productions needs. We deliver the very best in specialised rigging and look forward to delivering a solution to meet your requirements.


Crash, throw, fly, flip, or roll it. Any way you want to create dynamic action with a vehicle, Phantasm can provide a solution. We can even drive a vehicle into an effect wirelessly, YES a radio controlled smash up!


High precision trackways of up to 10 tonne payload, motion controlled winches, car launchers, giant ratchets and more. Discuss your big rig needs with us and there is a chance we have something to hit the mark.


Ramps in stock and ramps built to specification. Car cannons and flippers installed, if your project has a singular vehicle stunt or a multi car pile up, we can get that vehicle smashed up, HGVs too.