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Phantasm Virtual Viz supports productions to reduce carbon emissions


Phantasm Virtual Viz is a collaborative production planning software platform, developed during the Covid 19 pandemic to enable work in the film industry to continue as safely as possible. By creating virtual production environments we reduce the need for travel and unnecessary interaction among crew. However, one of the more significant benefits is that it also reduces your production’s carbon footprint, a key focus for the film industry, as highlighted in the new initiative from the BFI and BAFTA albert.

Earlier this month, Arup released a report ‘A Screen New Deal – a Route Map to Sustainable Film Production’, produced in collaboration with the BFI and BAFTA. The report examines the changes needed within film production in order to transition to net zero emissions by 2050, in line with UK government legislation.

The report focuses on five key areas of opportunity for transformation: production materials, energy and water use, studio buildings and facilities, studio sites and locations and production planning. It analyses where the carbon footprint of a production is currently highest and where it can be reduced.

One of the five steps in the vision for production planning is for ‘previsualisation to be adopted by all direction departments to test shots virtually and avoid waste generation’.

The report goes on to describe how ‘Virtual planning will result in fewer unnecessary set constructions, better consolidated logistics and reduced time and costs. Virtual reality can further enhance this experience by allowing directors to collaborate remotely on virtual scenes in a shared digital environment’.

Phantasm Virtual Viz addresses the key factors outlined for virtual production planning. If you are interested in how we can help support you in the drive towards sustainable film production, please get in touch with us at


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