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Motion Control


Phantasm MOCO provides a full motion control solution to the film, tv, music and creative industries. Motion is in our DNA and we push ourselves and the limits of our technology to solve the toughest creative challenges. Our team is made up of qualified mechanical designers, hydraulic engineers and control specialists with expertise in each part of the process. If you have a project you would like to discuss with Phantasm, please reach out using the contact details below.


We can accurately record real-time data from just about anything, from jet skis and horses, to planes and trains and if the object you would like us to animate doesn’t exist, we will build a virtual model and animate that too. Once we have this data it can be played back on our range of gimbals or a custom mechanical rig can be built for your production.

Accurate playback of real-world motions gives you the confidence that your location footage seamlessly merges with your process/VFX work.


Our design team can take your requirements and through a collaborative process provide an elegant safe solution to reach your desired effect. Having designed multiple mechanical effects for feature films we understand the need for safety, efficiency and reliability. Using state of the art control hardware and our own specialist software integration, we can provide seamless control on set. We offer animation playback, animation authoring and real word data capture, as well as live control, recording and playback.


When standard grips equipment won’t get you your shot, we can build custom rigs to achieve any camera move at any speed you like. MOCO camera moves can be integrated with MOCO effects seamlessly with full control integration. We can also hand back simple solutions and creative control to the grips so they can do what they do best.


Phantasm has a range of six axis motion platforms available for small set pieces up to 5 tonnes. Designed for quick set-up and tuning at your location. We have an incredible range of hydraulics hardware and equipment, including several existing rigs to deliver quick and economical solutions. We also have hydraulic components available to hire to other registered SFX teams. Our systems are certified and the equipment is highly serviced and cared for.