Winner of the 2020 ROSPA Award


We’re Covid-19 Ready:

Covid-19 has presented significant challenges in the business community, preventing projects from getting off the ground. Phantasm are covid-19 ready and able to get your business promotions moving again in a safe and efficient manner. Our team have had Covid-19 safety training and we are experts at risk assessing all types of health and safety matters. To help enforce social distancing we have a number of small workshops available and limit staff numbers to ensure everyone’s safety. If you have a project, we’re ready to help you get started.

The New Era of Film

Over recent years film makers have been realising the benefits of evolving digital technology. Phantasm are always researching new advancements and ways to problem solve. We are currently developing useful visualisation tools with photogammetry, 3D scanning technology  and gaming engines. These tools enable you to visit, explore and test the feasibility of the proposals for a location, from your desktop or mobile device. This service is invaluable in the current climate, enabling you to continue planning by reducing the need for travel, whilst providing greater access to the location through a virtual format. Our service helps improve
multi-department communication and reduce costs.

Visit Phantasm’s Virtual Visualisation service, to find out more.



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