Winner of the 2020 ROSPA Award
Phantasm Studio

Automatic Camera Tracking

Bringing Camera Tracking Into The Future:

Phantasm is bringing real-time control to automated cinematic camera moves. Combining the latest edge AI computing hardware and game engine technologies, these tools will make previously impossible shots possible and significantly improve workflows in more traditional cinematic automation.

By allowing the camera system to make its own adjustments on the fly, inconsistent moving subjects can be framed perfectly. The creative possibilities this allows for filming choreographed performer moves in fight or dance sequences will be revolutionary.

Creating a virtual 3D environment to mirror the film set, shoot days can be completely pre planned, with previz becoming fully integrated into the production process. This system will work seamlessly with our extended motion control and special effects offering, further improving production quality and efficiency.

This will be an important step for us having the world’s best action cinematic camera system.

Stay tuned for more info.

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